These sites are not affiliated with Editors of these sites may disagree strongly with some of the views expressed here. However, they offer useful information and insights. They also illustrate that concerns about gender transition cross the political spectrum, and are shared by people who lean liberal or conservative.

Kelsey Coalition—a non-partisan organization based in the United States. Their mission is to protect young people who identify as transgender (or nonbinary) from medical and psychological harms. They have advocated for legal reforms to protect young people against inappropriate transition treatments, and have petitioned the U.S. Surgeon General to speak out about the dangers of inappropriate transition.

4thwavenow — One of the earliest and best places to learn what parents and young people are saying about harms of inappropriate gender transition.

The Federalist — Many articles about problems related to the gender transition movement, mostly from conservative writers. Make sure you read Bilek 2018a and Bilek 2018b if you want to understand the profit-driven aspects of the transition fad.

Gender Trender  — Exposés of many appalling aspects of the gender transition fad, from a lesbian/feminist perspective.

transgender reality —  Many examples of social media propaganda and misinformation leading young people to join the gender transition movement.

The American Conservative  —  Many interesting articles about the gender transition movement, from Orthodox Christian conservative Rod Dreher and his many correspondents.

National Review —  Great articles and opinions from Madeleine Kearns and other writers about problems with the transition movement.